Facial Treatments

All facials are carried out using Dermalogica products.

Treatment Price Description
Face Mapping Free This treatment divides the face in to 14 zones and we can tailor a treatment plan for your skin.
Pro-Skin 60 £38.00 The ultimate Dermalogica experience, customised with advanced products, techniques & technology in a sesorial environment made for relaxation. Completely personalised to your skin and different every time.
Pro-Skin 30 £28.00 Our signature treatment on your time! Targeting your key concerns for maximum impact, this treatment is a firm favourite with those who have minimal time and want maximum results.
Microdermabrasion Each £38.00

Course of 3 (weekly) £100.00

Course of 6 (weekly) £250.00

Microdermabrasion is designed to regenerate, smooth and give a anti ageing effects on the tissues.
Non Surgical Face Lift Each £40.00

Course of 12 (3 x week) £400.00

Non surgical face lift will tone and lift by re-programming the muscle fibres.